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Edmonton in the Time of Covid is a collection of stories and photographs which tell how members of a North Central Edmonton community navigated the first pandemic in 100 years.

By sharing stories of ordinary citizens during this pandemic, the intention is for future Edmontonians to look back on the Covid pandemic to see how everyday people moved through this extraordinary, life changing event.

Recent Stories

Stephanie Smith: nursing Alberta for thirty years – Part One

Smith speculated that the provincial government was in denial about the risks and consequences of the pandemic. “It is tough...
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Amy Carroll: caring for the dead

With the lack of clear information provided by the government in every facet of the pandemic, rumours abounded. One rumour...
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Lucy Collins: librarians are essential

Collins said, “When you go to the downtown library, there is a long row of computers and you can see...
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Olivia Benson: coming of age in the pandemic

“I have a photo. Christie could see him, but they wouldn't let the kids in. The photo is of his...
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Ashley Miller: teaching in a pandemic – Part Three

There is societal dissonance between knowing children need mental health support and the lack of access they actually have. “[Students]...
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Ashley Miller: teaching in a pandemic – Part Two

She discussed the absurdity of distancing when there were increased class sizes that were the result of the 2019 budget...
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Ashley Miller: Teaching in a Pandemic – Part One

“When the UCP started announcing their education policies, the open hostility and contempt for educators [was] rampant editorially, in the...
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Nadine Riopel: online schooling

”I always remember that moment. That's the moment that everyone went, ‘Oh well, I guess this is what we're doing.’...
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Venessa Farn: immigrated home to Canada from the U.S.

"Over the next few months, she began dismantling the life she had built over the previous 18 years. The political...
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Cheryl Walker: Strengthened Relationships When a Family Member Was Dying

“I have a photo. Christie could see him, but they wouldn't let the kids in. The photo is of his...
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Karen Simonson: Opted To Send Her Children To School

She continued, “Elizabeth has the same teacher as in kindergarten, so I know her. I’ve had nothing but an email...
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Carol Powder: Shared Her Indigenous Heritage and Connected With Family

"I got to know my kids better. At least through this pandemic, we get to know our kids better, get...
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Virginia Potkins: Lost her Jobs and Opened a Restaurant

To keep herself busy and earn some additional income, Potkins found a commercial kitchen on the southside where she could...
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Darren Pleavin: Adjusted to Changes as a Father and Postal Worker

“There was a period at the beginning where our parcel volumes met our Christmas levels. One to two million parcels...
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Vanessa Phillips and Val Parr: A Daughter Who Contracted Covid and a Mother Who Witnessed It

Phillips self-isolated away from her husband and her son in her family’s unfinished basement. For the first days of her...
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Donna Paliwoda: Worked in a Hospital

Paliwoda stressed the importance of basic public health principles. “Find a way to co-exist [with Covid] and live your best...
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Julie McCrea and Valley: Shared Her Experience with H1N1

“I am terrified and pissed off. I remember thinking before Covid, watching documentaries on the Spanish Flu, ‘If this happens...
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Ester Malzahn: Connected to Residents While Living in a Close-knit Apartment Building

For many people, living in an apartment building can be an isolating experience, even in normal times. There are few,...
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Cori Longo: Gave Birth During the Pandemic

In March and April, it was still unknown how Covid would affect pregnancy, birth, and babies. There was also concern...
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Janis Irwin: Advocated For Her Constituents

Irwin would like to see changes in our systems. Covid has highlighted the failures of our systems and institutions. “I...
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